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Baby Ivy at Home

One of my favorite things to do is see a newborn baby in its new home and among its family. Baby Ivy has a troop of people who love her and will attend to her every need. Her room is magazine model material thanks to her mom’s great sense of style! Beautiful morning spent with this dear family! Congratulations Olorenshaw Family!
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Garage light and sisters

I’ve often heard how great garage light can be with a backdrop for portrait shooting. The weather has been so lovely lately and I just cleaned out my garage so I decided it was time to try to work with my backdrop and the afternoon garage light that spills in on the front of the house. I used my large grey backdrop and set it at almost a 45 degree angle with the garage opening. I had the two girls sit on a little kids chair. It is such a benefit to have clients who love to let me experiment with things. I learned that facing the light and turning their head toward me usually seemed to work best. I liked being right down in front of them. I loved the close up shots. It was so nice to open the aperature wide open and let the background all fade away. I did have to stand back a bit to use my 50mm 1.4 but I think that made the girls even more comfortable. I focued on one eye and let the lens melt away on all the rest if it wanted. The results made me giddy.



[ And then there were 4 ]

Sometimes in life you have in your head that things will go one way and they end up having to go another way. I have learned that life with children, especially young ones, gives you this lesson many times. This family photo session was just that way. All of our best intentions and props and plans floated up and got stuck in the tree tops. We ended up just playing and having a chance to capture life with two little ones two years old and under. When Andy and Brittany became a family of three, I loved doing their newborn’s photo session and now they are a family of four! I can tell how good these two friends of mine are gonna be as parents because they handled that lesson of just going with the flow with such ease that you’d think they were parents of 12! Pure joy comes from playing on the children’s level sometimes and I believe this is the joy I see in these images.
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When my husband and I first moved into our home we noticed that the family across the street had such a darling little girl. Over the years we have watched her grow up and become this stunningly beautiful, responsible, talented young woman. When she asked me to do her senior photos, I was thrilled and scared all at the same time! How can she be graduating? How can that much time have flown by. My own children are not to far from where she was just a few years ago. Does this mean that I’ll wake up in a week and my own boys will be graduating? It sure seems like it happened just that quickly for her.

She’s off to university soon with a scholarship for golf. I’m not one bit worried about her taking on the world. She is more than capable of creating a goodness where ever she is.

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I’ve always wanted to take photos of a beautifuly clad family who are happy to be together and on the beach. Then I found a photography workshop with Blue Lily in Oceanside, CA. It was a match of two of my favorite things–Blue Lily and the beach. I was hoping we would be able to have a model family session on the beach. My hopes were realized when we met our model family on the beach for a practice session. Mom, Julie, is a fan of Blue Lily too and she had seen the call out from Blue Lily for a model family. Her husband had just gotten back in town from a business trip so she put everyone together and came to be the models for our beach shoot. What was even better for me was that I’d met her and her husband before at dinner when we were down visiting my brother and sister-in-law. So for me it was extra fun to get to see their beautiful children!

This was a learning session for me. I was trying new shooting techniques and settings on my camera that I was not too comfortable with but they were why I was at the workshop. I had committed myself to shoot using the methods we were being taught no matter what. So even though I wanted to change back to my old way of doing things just to capture this family, I stuck with the new methods and tried my best. My focus turned out to be an issue which was one of the new methods I was trying. But I still loved so many of these images. I couldn’t get over the beautiful light, the darling children and the happiness that radiated from them.


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One of the best parts of my job is to see families come together infront of my lens. And I find myself moved more and more by families that are all adults coming together to be photographed. I see so much history in the making as I click photos of parents with their adult children. The Blick family came together this Thanksgiving and we were able to get mom and dad with their two girls. It is important, I believe, to take these images. I’m sure there are images of these four together when the girls were little. But what a treasure I find this these photos to be–now that they are all with a little more life experience behind them and can relate a little deeper with one another. There is a sincere appreciation for each other that is visible to me. And for the Blicks I see it espeically between mom and dad. You are stunning as a couple! Ann is as classy as she is genuine and kind. This was a Thanksgiving treat for me!

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Sometimes you meet people and you feel like you should have known them your whole life. This family session with the Britt family was that way for me. This family is growing in number by one more in December and I’m thrilled for them. There is the very best feeling in the Britt’s home! Michael and Elizabeth have created  a warm, welcoming and loving environment already with baby girl, Lily Kate and I expect that palpable joy to increase even more when their second baby girl makes her debut. This time with them was so enjoyable! Thank you so very much for letting me come in and capture this unique time as a family of 3. You two are amazing people and the best of parents! And I feel now like we are old friends. Here’s to cherishing the years with little babies in our homes! Cheers, Lesli

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Takuya and Sarah Ohki were looking for family photos that embraced some of the Las Vegas landscape since they recently moved here from Hawaii. They were game to try anything I suggested! We raced to capture the warmth of the Las Vegas sun before it set, the far off silhouette of the mountains and the happy faces of these Hawaiian baby transplants to the desert. Ohki family, you really are radiant! Cheers, Lesli

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