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[ And then there were 4 ]

Sometimes in life you have in your head that things will go one way and they end up having to go another way. I have learned that life with children, especially young ones, gives you this lesson many times. This family photo session was just that way. All of our best intentions and props and plans floated up and got stuck in the tree tops. We ended up just playing and having a chance to capture life with two little ones two years old and under. When Andy and Brittany became a family of three, I loved doing their newborn’s photo session and now they are a family of four! I can tell how good these two friends of mine are gonna be as parents because they handled that lesson of just going with the flow with such ease that you’d think they were parents of 12! Pure joy comes from playing on the children’s level sometimes and I believe this is the joy I see in these images.
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