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Garage light and sisters

I’ve often heard how great garage light can be with a backdrop for portrait shooting. The weather has been so lovely lately and I just cleaned out my garage so I decided it was time to try to work with my backdrop and the afternoon garage light that spills in on the front of the house. I used my large grey backdrop and set it at almost a 45 degree angle with the garage opening. I had the two girls sit on a little kids chair. It is such a benefit to have clients who love to let me experiment with things. I learned that facing the light and turning their head toward me usually seemed to work best. I liked being right down in front of them. I loved the close up shots. It was so nice to open the aperature wide open and let the background all fade away. I did have to stand back a bit to use my 50mm 1.4 but I think that made the girls even more comfortable. I focued on one eye and let the lens melt away on all the rest if it wanted. The results made me giddy.