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One of the best parts of my job is to see families come together infront of my lens. And I find myself moved more and more by families that are all adults coming together to be photographed. I see so much history in the making as I click photos of parents with their adult children. The Blick family came together this Thanksgiving and we were able to get mom and dad with their two girls. It is important, I believe, to take these images. I’m sure there are images of these four together when the girls were little. But what a treasure I find this these photos to be–now that they are all with a little more life experience behind them and can relate a little deeper with one another. There is a sincere appreciation for each other that is visible to me. And for the Blicks I see it espeically between mom and dad. You are stunning as a couple! Ann is as classy as she is genuine and kind. This was a Thanksgiving treat for me!

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