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I’ve always wanted to take photos of a beautifuly clad family who are happy to be together and on the beach. Then I found a photography workshop with Blue Lily in Oceanside, CA. It was a match of two of my favorite things–Blue Lily and the beach. I was hoping we would be able to have a model family session on the beach. My hopes were realized when we met our model family on the beach for a practice session. Mom, Julie, is a fan of Blue Lily too and she had seen the call out from Blue Lily for a model family. Her husband had just gotten back in town from a business trip so she put everyone together and came to be the models for our beach shoot. What was even better for me was that I’d met her and her husband before at dinner when we were down visiting my brother and sister-in-law. So for me it was extra fun to get to see their beautiful children!

This was a learning session for me. I was trying new shooting techniques and settings on my camera that I was not too comfortable with but they were why I was at the workshop. I had committed myself to shoot using the methods we were being taught no matter what. So even though I wanted to change back to my old way of doing things just to capture this family, I stuck with the new methods and tried my best. My focus turned out to be an issue which was one of the new methods I was trying. But I still loved so many of these images. I couldn’t get over the beautiful light, the darling children and the happiness that radiated from them.


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